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A hacked account can Cause damage to your network of contacts friends colleagues or family members. There known cases in poland of gaining access. To accounts in order to commit fraud using the blik method. After all a private conversation asking for a transfer (obligatory with the addition of “I’ll pay you back after I get paid”) must always. Be conducted with a real person right and unfortunately. The number of such situations instead of decreasing is only increasing.

Source police why is this happening

Scam on blik via facebook messenger an example of a blik scam in. The messenger application.  and facebook accounts being hijacked data leak data provided in various online stores or websites may  made available by accident or software Special Phone Number Data error. Information leaks have happened are happening and will continue to happen. So it is worth adopting the principle that whatever you enter in the purchase form. Or as a login and password can later be accessible to anyone.

Don’t know how to check if

Linking data from several different leaks makes it easier to “Guess” access data to a given social media account used. By a specific person. your data has been leaked online check out our guide “ how to check if my email has been leaked ” at pomoc.Home.Pl. No Whatsapp Number security on your account despite the growing number of users who configure additional protection on their social media accounts there is still agroup for whom fa security is difficult to understand.

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